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Houston Hoarding Cleanup and Assistance

Homes that may seem daunting and overwhelming due to the amount of clutter, trash, and abundance of personal belongings is our specialty. Whether it is one room or an entire house that needs to be cleaned, HTX Bio Cleaners crew and hoarding technicians are professional and among the most experienced in Texas and in the industry. We have helped individuals over the years in not only restoring their homes, but also in restoring their lives with our hoarding cleanup and junk removal services.

Our goal is to help those afflicted with this disorder and to provide them with the tools and skills needed to live a clutter free life. We offer understanding, trust and hope in a caring, compassionate and discreet environment, while providing the quality of care our clients expect and deserve.

Hoarding affects the individual’s life, and may be affecting those surrounding them as well. In the end, the hoarder’s lifestyle may be dramatically altered, ranging from a limited social life to being cut off from family and friends as a direct or indirect result of hoarding. This ultimately leads to the hoarder becoming more and more attached to the clutter that surrounds them, relying on their “stuff” for social interaction and comfort. Our experienced technicians are trained and have experience identifying and safeguarding items of real and perceived value such as photographs, heirlooms, jewelry, cash, collectibles, stock certificates, etc. We work closely with the client and loved ones for guidelines for what to look for and save.

When the job is complete, everything in the home and exterior is either disposed of, donated or kept based on the guidance of the client’s objectives and by OSHA protocols and regulations.

Call today! Estimates are free. All calls are confidential and unlike our competitors, we are discrete!

Many people are discouraged from calling a cleaning company out of embarrassment or fear of what the employees would think of their current situation. Our only concerns are for your safety, your emotions, and your satisfaction with our work performed. After several years in this industry, there are few things we have not seen. From the hour we arrive, to the hour we leave you will realize our compassion is genuine.

Why Choose HTX Bio Clean?

HTX Bio Clean is here to help you make a difficult situation easier. We have professional crews who are discreet, arrive in an unmarked white truck, remain calm, and have your and the general public’s best interests in mind. HTX Bio Clean technicians are compassionate when working with family and clients and can help guide you through the process by clearly explaining the situation. Years of experience and bio-remediation training have propelled us to the top of the list when unexpected and unfortunate accidents happen.

We proudly offer professional hoarding cleanup services in the Houston and surrounding areas. Trust our experts to provide you with the ultimate customer service.

Call HTX Bio Clean to discuss your particular situation and to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE. All calls are confidential and you will speak directly with the owner 24/7 to determine how we can help.